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Happy Glass

Description of Happy Glass


Happy Glass is a famous puzzle game. To participate in the game, you need to fill the glass with water by drawing lines. Your score is based on used ink.

How to draw

Players use the computer mouse to draw in this game. When you click the mouse and hold it, the pen will start drawing. Wherever you move the mouse, the line will be drawn until you release the mouse or the pen runs out of ink.

Master Happy Glass Online Game

Happy Glass Unblocked

Plying this puzzle game, there will be a glass and some obstacles. Your mission is to help water flow from the arrow pointing down into the cup without being interrupted or hindered by those obstacles. Your goal will be completed when the water reaches the horizontal line on the rim of the cup, and you will receive bonus coins. However, if your cup is not filled with enough water, the mission fails.

Happy Glass requires players to rely on the position of the cup, faucet as well as obstacles to think about which direction the water will flow. From there, you can draw lines to prevent water from flowing out. Instead, help them flow into your glass.

Use more skins

Note that the longer and more lines you draw, the more ink it will take. That's why you get fewer stars. Each level of Happy Glass allows players to receive up to 3 stars. The less ink you use, the more likely you are to get 3 stars. With each success, you will receive a reasonable amount of bonus coins. Players can use coins to unlock new skins for their cups, pens or even watercolors. The water can be green or red instead of blue as default. Likewise, the skins of the pen as well as the empty cup are quite cute. If you are interested, try unlocking and using them.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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