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Jelly Shift

Jelly Shift - Introduction

Jelly Shift is an arcade game, which is so funny. Your task in the game is to control a jelly block running on the game track and reach the finish line.

Are you a person who likes to conquer challenges? Are you interested in joining an exciting but difficult platform? Jelly Shift can help you relax and kill time effectively without being boring. Play the game now and enjoy wonderful moments with this game!

Play Jelly Shift Online Game

Coming to the game, you will have the opportunity to control a flexible jelly block. You know, jelly is quite tough and flexible, so you can help it change shape and size in this game. On the Jelly Shift's track, there are many gates. And to reach the finish line, your jelly needs to go through those gates and run to the destination.

However, the size and shape of these gates are not the same. They can be square or rectangular gates. They may be tall but narrow or short but wide. So, how can your jelly pass through them? It's a body transformation. You need to help the jelly change its body shape to match the shape of those gates. Jelly Shift offers many diverse levels, and the challenges are equally diverse and interesting. It's waiting for you, are you ready?

Controls: The player uses the mouse to control the jelly. You slide up or down to change its body shape!

The platform for playing: Unblocked Games 76

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