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Have you ever played game? Help your mouth eat all things in the map as well as devour other opponents to become the hegemon. Good luck!

A battle of mouths is coming, and you will be one of them. Accompany your character and compete with other online players. Your mission is to conquer every item in the game. The capacity of the mouths in is unbelievable. They can eat a bowl of anything without limit. However, to do that, you need to help your character level up so it will size up and more easily complete the mission. When not levelled up, your hole can only eat small items that fit its mouth.

Features of

Game modes

The game allows you to immerse yourself in 4 basic modes. Each mode will help you entertain and immerse yourself in a wonderful entertainment space.

  • Classic: This is a mode where you can confront other opponents for 2 minutes. Try to eat as much as possible, help your hole level up and reach the highest score possible.
  • Battle Royale: This mode is similar, but instead of competing within 2 minutes, you and other players will face each other until a winner is found - be the last hole.
  • Teams: Within a certain period of time, the team that collects more items on the map will win. Players participating in the mode will be divided into two teams, red and blue.
  • Solo Run: Players have 3 minutes to eat 100% of the map. Can you?

Skins and Maps's diversity is also a factor that makes it more interesting. The game will become more colorful and attractive when gamers choose their own unique skins for their own holes. In addition, there are many maps for players to choose from. You can compete from farms to towns and cities. From land to sea, from islands, mountains to industrial parks or military zones, etc. Each map has its own style, but the fact that provides so many maps also helps players never find this online game boring.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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