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Pixels For Christmas

Pixels for Christmas is an attractive combination game. Find the Yellow Cube Pieces in a Maze Without A Map To Complete Your Mission. Are you reading?

Pixels for Christmas - a game for Christmas

Welcome to the super attractive game today, Pixels for Christmas! This is a gift that Bart Bonde Developer has built and developed to give to gamers on the most special holiday of the year, XMAS. The game is a harmonious combination of pixel graphics with the game that runs as well as the puzzle. Your mission is to find all the evil yellow pixels in the game to complete the task.

Master Pixels for Christmas Game

Tips and tricks

  • These places with these Yellow Pixels may be on very high peaks, in deep cavities, or places that are strictly watched by some Red Monsters.
  • Use the elevator to reach high areas faster and even areas where you cannot jump.
  • Avoid colliding with Red Monsters of Pixels for Christmas.
  • There are a total of 100 Yellow Pieces. The game will help you synthesize the number of pieces you have collected.
  • After completing the collection of 100% of the Yellow Cubes, you will complete the task. At that time, you can see the entire maze as well as the message to you "Merry Christmas".

How to play

In fact, this is a mysterious maze decorated according to the Christmas theme. This maze even has a reindeer image - a representative representing this holiday. However, the game will not provide the map for you. Therefore, you will not know where the Yellow Pixels are hidden. The player's mission is to search for them and remember the places they have passed so as not to take time to return.

Use the arrow keys to move in Pixels for Christmas game.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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