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Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat is an attractive puzzle game. The player is tasked with setting a trap to trap the black cat and catch it. Are you confident in completing the aim?

Trap The Cat Instructions

Test your strategic thinking skills by catching the black cat in the popular "Trap The Cat" game! Imagine that your house is always harassed by a neighbor's cat and steals food. Today, you will set a trap to catch that mischievous cat.

The game gives you a honeycomb-shaped trap to complete the goal. However, this black cat is extremely intelligent. If you don't calculate carefully, it can run away. Therefore, first of all, you need to block all the paths so the cat cannot escape. Then, slowly block the head and catch it. You will win when the cat has no way to go.

Some Notes When Playing Trap The Cat

  • Controls: Use your computer mouse to place bricks in the trap.
  • Fill in the hole at the edge of the trap first.
  • Whichever direction the cat goes, block that direction first.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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